I am Boss and I pleased to welcome you here!

I’m The Boss. Boss is not just my name, but my position at our home. It is my responsibility and duty. Some people think that cats are not necessary in the house. I regret to think about such people, they lose something very important in their life.

This page I will manage myself. I will write here my ideas about my role at our home and, of course, about my contribution to our dogs training. It’s me, who raised our three beagles! Look at them – all are intelligent beauties!

Winter came to us. I wouldn't like to walk in winters, I prefer to look out the window. I can see everything I want - birds, snow, wind. The day is short and the night is long. The year is coming to the end. It is time to meditate how much good and useful deals were done in 2012!

It was a baby-boom at our home this year! Our beautiful Nika delivered 6 sweet puppies! When they start to move, our Demi delivered 3 pups too! I like pups. I like them when they are small and toothless, because they are helpless and need my protect. I like them when they start to run and bark, because it is so interesting to play with them!

Lounging nearby our fireplace I like to reflect about my life with dogs - I'm absolutely happy cat!


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